What is Mesotherapy Atlanta?

Below are some of the reasons our clients have chosen us for safe, comfortable, and effective Mesotherapy.


The only medical treatment proven to reduce cellulite, Mesotherapy will get rid of that bumpy, shadowy skin caused by under-toned muscles and fat deposits. Your skin will look smoother, tighter, and provide a fitter look.

Belly fat

Everyone knows belly fat can be stubborn and easily get out of control. Our minimally invasive treatment will melt away undesired subcutaneous fat without the need for surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Aging Skin

Our quick and effective process delivers nutrients and amino acids directly into the skin that have previously been restricted by poor circulation due to aging. Collagen and elastin production is increased leaving the skin rejuvenated, radiant, and looking younger.

Local Fat Deposits

Localized fat deposits are difficult to eliminate with just diet and exercise. Mesotherapy injections at these stubborn regions on the body is an effective way to combat this with proven results.

Start looking your best today!

Our clinicians use state of the art technology to provide the outcome you desire and our friendly staff will make you feel comfortable and welcome..

Look younger

Look younger

Our anti-aging procedures will provide lift, tone, and radiance to your face that will make you look many years younger and healthier.

Eliminate cellulite

Eliminate cellulite

Fed up with that ugly bumpy skin on your hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach? We can help you get smooth, toned-looking skin without the need for doing strenuous and complicated exercises.

Get a flat stomach

Get a flat stomach

Remove excess belly fat by taking advantage of minimally-invasive Mesotherapy in our friendly and comfortable Atlanta clinic today.

Mesotherapy for men

Mesotherapy for men

Our procedures are not just for women. Many men just can't seem to shed that beer belly and realize they need more than just diet and exercise to get fit-looking abs.


How it works

This is a form of cosmetic medicine. It is non-surgical and it allows the patient to look better and more beautiful than before. Mesotherapy targets subcutaneous fat (more info). In this form of treatment, pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines are injected into the fat. Moreover, the doctors also make use of vitamins, minerals, extracts from plants as well as other materials to deliver the figure and level of health that the patient desires.

Comfortable procedure 

In Mesotherapy for weight loss, our treatments for cellulite are injected directly into the areas that are posing a problem to the patient. These are injected under the skin into the fat. Common areas where mesotherapy is applied are the buttocks, thighs, knees and calves. Also, this treatment is often applied on the tummy and the hips too. Mesotherapy was invented by Dr. Michael Pistor. According to his methods of application, microscopic amounts of solutions are injected into the skin for the desired effect. Each type of medicine is injected for a specific purpose. A good example is Aminophylline. This is a substance that is injected into the skin for cellulite reduction. Another substance known as Isoproternol is also injected under the skin for the same purpose. Since they have the same effect, these medications are often combined in Mesotherapy Atlanta treatment.

There is no reason for our patients to be worried about the needles that are used in this form of treatment. This is because they are very thin and short. If the patient has white skin, a 4 millimeter needle is used. For black skin, a 6 millimeter needle is utilized. The needles are this short so that the doctor can administer the mesotherapy medication at exactly the proper depth. This method of administration has some major advantages.

One of these advantages is that any side effects and intolerance are eliminated. Intolerance is where the body does not accept a medication that is introduced into it. This is either because of the dose of the medication or the inability of the body to break down and excrete the medicine. These problems are not experienced in mesotherapy. This is because of the unique doses and method of administration that is used in the treatments.

How it can be used for weight loss and cellulite

Mesotherapy is used to eliminate the cellulite that causes a person to be overweight. This substance begins to appear in the body from the age of 25 or 35. If a patient takes Mesotherapy Atlanta sessions in the early stages of cellulite development, then it can be eliminated for good. However, if a patient comes in for these treatments after the cellulite has developed further, then they will need to get more intense mesotherapy treatments to get rid of it. According to Dr. Bissoon, there are 4 stages of cellulite. The first is stage 0. In this stage, it is not visible even if one's skin is pinched. Stage 1 cellulite is where it is still not visible. However, the patient's skin looks like orange peels after it is pinched. Stage 2 cellulite is where it is visible when a patient is standing up but is not visible when they are lying down. Stage 3 cellulite is where the cellulite is visible when the patient is standing up and lying down too. 905 of women across the world are affected by cellulite.

In Mesotherapy treatment, special substances are injected into the subcutaneous fat. These substances stimulate the body to get rid of the cellulite on its own. The substances are injected in low doses since they are very effective. Mesotherapy begins to work immediately after the injections are done. The procedures are painless and comfortable for the patient.

In addition to the injections, patients also get counseling to help them recover from the emotional impact that they suffer due to the cellulite. Examples of emotional problems that they suffer are low self-esteem and the fear of being made fun of or embarrassed. Cellulite also has negative effects on libido and romantic relationships. Due to having cellulite, many women are afraid of enjoying activities such as swimming and sun bathing. Moreover, they develop stress disorders due to the constant efforts to cover the cellulite on their bodies. These women also spend a lot of money on unsuccessful cures and treatments. Thus, they suffer a negative financial toll too. Mesotherapy helps to eliminate all these factors and leave one feeling better and looking great.

Mesotherapy Atlanta for Anti-aging

Mesolift is a form of treatment that is developed from Atlanta Mesotherapy. In this method of treatment, vitamins, amino acids as well as minerals are introduced into the subcutaneous fat of the body. This gets rid of cellulite very fast. It also promotes the production of collagen and elastin. These work together to promote the health of the skin. The mesolift treatment also increases the metabolism of the patient.

Look more beautiful 

This mesotherapy for anti-aging works to eliminate the effects of aging in the skin. It promotes circulation and increases the availability of oxygen and nutrients in the skin. As a result, the body is able to get rid of the toxins that cause the skin to age. After a mesolift treatment, many patients feel that their skin looks well rested, it glows and it is firm. A great advantage of the mesolift treatment is that it can be used to complement other methods of skin rejuvenation. Examples of these are botox, using antioxidants, laser resurfacing and facelifts. This procedure can be applied on the abdomen, arms, legs, hands and neck. Also, you can begin the mesolift treatments at any age of your life. They will still be very effective.

Mesotherapy to reduce localized fat deposits

Mesotherapy Atlanta can be used to get rid of fat in localized areas of the body. This is known as body sculpting and we can just as easily provide this for men. It is done to contour the body such that you can get rid of pockets of fat that you don't want. In this treatment, the targets are receptors on fat cells that perform lipogenesis or fat production and those that perform lipolysis or fat breakdown. Those that generate fat are known as alpha receptors while those that break it down are known as beta receptors. In the treatment to get rid of localized fat deposits, the doctor develops a combination of medicines that block the alpha receptors and stimulate the beta receptors in the area of the body where you want to get rid of fat. As a result, you are able to sculpt your body such that you retain fat only in the areas where you want to. Mesotherapy is a great way to get rid of body fat and gain your dream body.